Redken Hair Colour Salon

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We have a wide variety of colouring services

No matter what your colouring needs are, we have you covered.


As soon as you come into our salon and tell one of our professional hairdressers your colouring needs, they will be able to give you exactly what you want. If you want something temporary, or some colour correction, we can satisfy you.

 •  Foils, hi-lights, tints

 •  Clear gloss roots, semi permanent, glossing

 •  Colour correction

 •  Expert perming services

Our hair colouring will leave you tickled pink. Call us now!

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We have all the colours of the rainbow!

Whether you are looking to temporarily change the colour of your hair, or you want some form of colour correction, then we are the best in the business. When you leave our salon, your hair will be the exact colour you want.

Any colour

you want

We can colour your

hair any colour. Just call

01763 249 494 now!